New Arrivals – Rocky outcrop: Heathers

“This will cheer up a dull day! Sitting on a window sill it will refract the incoming light beautifully, whether it’s sunny or just a grey and white sky.

It shows a rock formation, the rocks grouped together harmoniously to create a form which is interesting from all angles.

The colours represent the surrounding heathers and a moody sky.

It’s cast from billets of American Bullseye Glass and is fired in the kiln over 6 days so that the glass fully melts and the colours begin to merge inside the mould, a sort of watercolour effect.

There’s a contrast between the defined constructed form and the softer texture suggesting the surrounding vegetation.”


Work in progress – This is the spot on my website where I take you ‘behind the scenes’ and show you some images from my making process.

Casting a flowers and berries glass bowl

The pictures here show part of the method for making my abstract flower and berry bowls.

First I cast the flowers and berries in glass and then cast them in plaster – this is my mould, you can just see the ‘precast’ clear glass flowers peeping through the plaster!

This goes into the kiln along with chunks of blue glass where it’s fired for 3 to 4 days to a temperature of 790 degrees C.

Once cool I break away the mould, so its a ‘one off’. Give it a good clean then I polish the rim on 6 grits of descending abrasion and paint on the real gold lustre to highlight the flowers.

Then it goes back into the kiln for a second firing to slump it into a bowl former and to fire on the lustre’. This time to just under 700 degrees as I certainly don’t want the glass to melt again!