Glass Sculpture

New Arrivals

Dry stone wall engraved with meadow grasses

I’m really delighted with this new turn my Rocky Sculptures have taken. A few years ago I attended a glass conference where there were breakout sessions that included glass engraving. I picked up a Dremmel drill, wondering what to ‘draw’ in the glass. So I looked out of the window, opposite was a dry stone wall and a gnarled old tree so I tried to capture that!

Recently I came across the piece in a box and displayed it in my workshop. As I was gazing at it I suddenly made the connection between it and my rocky sculptures,

So these sculptures are a different composition to give me more of a surface for drawing on. I’m using evocative linear representations of meadow and seagrasses. They are a pleasure to make and I can use both sides of the sculptures and sometimes even the sides!

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Work in progress – This is the spot on my website where I take you ‘behind the scenes’ and show you some images from my making process.

Casting a flowers and berries glass bowl

The pictures here show part of the method for making my abstract flower and berry bowls.

First I cast the flowers and berries in glass and then cast them in plaster – this is my mould, you can just see the ‘precast’ clear glass flowers peeping through the plaster!

This goes into the kiln along with chunks of blue glass where it’s fired for 3 to 4 days to a temperature of 790 degrees C.

Once cool I break away the mould, so its a ‘one off’. Give it a good clean then I polish the rim on 6 grits of descending abrasion and paint on the real gold lustre to highlight the flowers.

Then it goes back into the kiln for a second firing to slump it into a bowl former and to fire on the lustre’. This time to just under 700 degrees as I certainly don’t want the glass to melt again!