Handmade in UK – Art glass bowl fired with 23.5ct gold SOLD

Textured handmade unique cast glass bowl in amber glass fired with 23.5ct gold.



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Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 7 cm

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My art glass bowls are fired first with 23.5ct gold and chunks of American Bullseye Glass. Then the mould is broken away so it is a one off. It has a second firing to form it into a bowl shape, The final stage is to polish the edges.

The bowl has a variety of textures created from casting into plaster highly textured fabrics which form the composition and pattern. This is on the base of the bowl which is reflected and refracted in the surface This slight opaqueness  of the texture contrasts beautifully with the highly polished surface and rim

No two of my handmade art glass bowls are ever the same! However many of these I make opening the kiln and seeing the result is always a joy!

They create a centrepiece in a room and look beautiful piled high with fruit!

Price includes postage to all UK destinations – mainland and islands. If you live outside of the UK please email me to discuss