Decorative Glass Bowl Clear with Pink Enamels and Gold Lustre – SOLD

One off beautiful and unique handmade cast glass bowl with lovely textures, pink enamels and real gold lustre. It’s small enough to fit into a small nook but really make an impact!


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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 18 cm

Product Details

This handmade unique glass bowl is a one off. It has a very distinctive composition with its’ pink mosaic and gold lustre design.

It is a handmade cast glass bowl. It’s quite chunky as it’s about 1cm thick. The composition is based on architectural facades

The textures are created by casting from textiles into plaster which is my model. I fill it with billets of glass and fire it in the kiln over 3 days. The plaster mould is then broken away.

There is a second firing to form it into a bowl shape and to fire on the real gold lustre at the same time as the enamels. These are a mosaic of 3 shades of pink.

Finally the rim is polished on a linisher, using 6 progressively finer grit belts, The last belt is made of cork which gives the rim a high polish which is a lovely contrast with the slight opacity of the textured surface. The reverse is also polished.