Decorative Glass Platter

Decorative glass platter on a round orange base flecked with 23.5ct gold. Clear cast glass top showing the texture below contrasting with a highly polished rim


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Weight 2180 g
Dimensions 24 × 3 cm

Product Details

This decorative glass platter is a unique take on a cake stand! It can be used as a beautiful functional item, or left bare as it is a very striking piece of art glass.

This piece is quite complicated to make. First I made the round orange base flecked with 23.5ct gold. This is fired for 3 days and polished.
Then, using textured fabric I made a plaster mould incorporating the orange base and fire this in the kiln with clear glass, again over 3 days.
The mould is broken away and finally I highly polish the rim which creates a lovely contrast to the texture on the underside.

I love the depth created by the transparent orange glass in the central base. No two of my handmade decorative glass platter’s are the same! However many of these art glass pieces I make opening the kiln and seeing the result is always a joy!
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