Glass Sculpture “Pushed Back”

A glass sculpture, cast in lapis blue glass and fired with 23.5ct gold. A slim rectangular box appearing to be encased in a deeply textured fabric. One of my art glass series of ‘A dialogue at the threshold’.


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Weight 2350 g
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 15 cm

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An intriguing glass sculpture in lapis blue glass and 23.5ct gold. It’s a slim rectangular glass box appearing to be made from a deeply textured blue fabric which has been ‘pushed back’ to reveal a gold interior.
The humps and hollows suggest something soft. There is gold at the opening and it’s seeping through the seam suggesting a golden interior. There is an interplay between the inside and the outside, a dialogue at the threshold.
This is an open cast glass sculpture fired with 23.5ct gold. Made first from a fabric and card model which is cast into plaster. The model is discarded and replaced with glass and gold and fired for 4 days in the kiln to 840 centigrade.
As with all my pieces, the mould is broken away. Followed by cold working (my least favourite part!)
I’ve been working on this series for several years and find it fascinating! A form encloses an inner space and is the boundary to the outside. Where there is an opening, this links the two. The viewer is drawn into my dense glass boxes by the allure of gold or silver. The interplay between the interior and the exterior articulates a dialogue at the threshold.
A wonderful addition to a collection of glass sculpture!
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