Glass Sculpture “Barred Within”

A glass sculpture, cast in white glass. A pyramid appearing to be encased in ribbed fabric, its geometry softened by twists and folds. The black grid creates a barrier obscuring the clear glass and embedded silver. One of my art glass series of ‘A dialogue at the threshold’.



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Weight 3200 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 11 cm

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A dramatic white glass sculpture! A four-sided handmade glass pyramid with the texture of ribbed fabric – which is what it was cast from!

A geometric white sculpture softened by the folds and twists of the material. The black grid creates both a contrast and a barrier. It obscures the clear glass and the layer of silver beneath. This is cast in dense white glass.

First I made a model of the whole piece and cast it in plaster ready for firing. And then I fused the grid which is made from handmade black glass stringers and fired this in my mould with clear glass. After I put in a sheet of very thin silver followed by the white glass for the main body of the piece and refired it.

As with all my pieces, the mould is broken away. Followed by cold working (my least favourite part!)

See more of this series of glass sculpture called ‘A Dialogue at the Threshold’ on my website.

I’ve been working on this art glass series for several years and find it fascinating! A form encloses an inner space and is the boundary to the outside. Where there is an opening, this links the two. The viewer is drawn into my dense glass boxes by the allure of gold or silver. The interplay between the interior and the exterior articulates a dialogue at the threshold.

A wonderful addition to a collection of glass sculpture!

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